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Combination Bench & Pipe VisesCombination Bench & Pipe Vises
Steel pipe jaws made of heat-treated, hardened steel are reversible and replaceable, and jaw facings are replaceable, too.
Mid-Line VisesMid-Line Vises
Mid-Line Vises feature a totally-enclosed main screw and nut to keep out dirt and eliminate wear.
Utility Workshop VisesUtility Workshop Vises
Heavy-duty design strengthens this ideal utility workshop vise. Cast vises with pipe jaws, anvil and horn feature a swivel base with positive locking in addition to replaceable, hardened steel, serrated jaw facings for user convenience.

Brass Vise Jaw CapsBrass Vise Jaw Caps
Protect fine work in vises with universal serrated jaw facings by using Brass Vise Jaw Caps.
Yoke Pipe VisesYoke Pipe Vises
Reed yoke vises are made of ductile or malleable iron and have hardened, high carbon steel jaws for toughness and long life.
Pipe Welding VisesPipe Welding Vises
Reed Pipe Welding Vises offer positive alignment for the most common pipe welding needs.
Chain VisesChain Vises
Chain Vises permit the holding of irregular shapes and provide an excellent cost-for capacity value.
Tripod VisesTripod Vises
Reed Tripods are manufactured with the heaviest gauge steel, overlapping hinges, and the best adjustable tray clamp, not a set screw, to keep the lower tray assembly and entire portable workbench tight – even after many hours of use!
Field Pipe VisesField Pipe Vises
Field Pipe Vise holds pipe up to 20” (500 mm) diameter. More pipe capacity than other Reed vises and 2,000 lb (909 kg) vise capacity yet weighs only 22 lbs (10 kg) without legs and backbone. Super choice for pre-trench work and above ground cuts. Excellent flexibility achieved in height and length of vise appropriate to application as customer may cut own pipe for legs and backbone.
Pipe JacksPipe Jacks
Convenient adjusting screw and a hardened steel locking ring of Reed Pipe Jacks are two features that make these 2,000 lb (909 kg) capacity JHV high jacks last for many years of use.
Chain Vises for Plastic PipeChain Vises for Plastic Pipe
These jaws are easily rotated from plastic pipe position to metal pipe position to protect against damage to pipe and to maximize productivity.

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