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Tool Zone Catalog > Shop By Brand > Reed > Water Service Tools & Machines
Meter Pit PumpMeter Pit Pump
Reed offers solutions for those encountering flooded meter pits. MP175 pulls water out of pits, making them more visible, convenient, and safe. Pump could be used on a fire hydrant to drain the water for repair work. Includes a 36” (914 mm) hose of 1-3/4” diameter. The hose simply screws into a threaded section of the pump. Use the MP175 for easier, deeper pumping.
Valve & Curb KeysValve & Curb Keys
Reed’s selection of Valve Keys is the most complete and most compact available to turn gate valves in the street and curb stop valves to individual buildings.
Ratcheting Valve KeysRatcheting Valve Keys
Ratcheting Valve Keys are a great backsaver for twists and turns on valves.
Meter & Curb Box Lid KeysMeter & Curb Box Lid Keys
Reed Meter Keys open many styles of meter pit lids and curb box lids. Reed has the widest choice of pentagon keys and ”skeleton” keys available, ending lengthy searches for the right key.
Standing Shut-Off ToolStanding Shut-Off Tool
Reed's Standing Shutoff Tool compresses 3/4" to 1" PE plastic tubes to stop the flow of water.
Direct Tapping MachinesDirect Tapping Machines
Reed's Direct Tapping Machine is used to drill and tap water mains while under pressure.
PVC/PE Drilling MachinesPVC/PE Drilling Machines
The PVC drilling machine is used to cut through the PVC pipe wall via the corporation stop inserted into the service saddle while under pressure.
Feed Tap Drilling MachineFeed Tap Drilling Machine
Drilling MachinesDrilling Machines
Reed's High Quality and Innovative Drilling Machines and related items can be found in this section.
Power Tapping and Drilling MachinesPower Tapping and Drilling Machines
Add power to your drilling and tapping, and save hours of hand-cranking with Reed Power Tap/Drilling Machines.
Hammer and Flare ToolsHammer and Flare Tools
High quality hardened steel flaring tools for making 45 degree flares on Type K soft copper water service tubing. Flare tools have larger pilots and finger grip areas for safety. Soft-faced brass hammer has an overall length of 14-1/2” and is designed for safe use of flaring tools as the brass head absorbs some of the striking shock.
Rerounding ToolsRerounding Tools
Rerounding tools easily and quickly reround Type K copper tubing for better seal when compression fittings are used. Use only with brass hammers for added safety.
Hydrostatic Test PumpsHydrostatic Test Pumps
Hydrostatic Test Pumps are designed to test water meters, plumbing lines, pressure vessels, solar systems and sprinkler systems, in both residential and commercial buildings.
Copper Shut-Off ToolsCopper Shut-Off Tools
Copper Shut-Off Tools are designed to shut off and reshape 3/4” through 2” Type K copper tubing.
Round It Straighteners/ReroundersRound It Straighteners/Rerounders
Save time and materials by using Round It Straightener/Rerounders on copper tubing.
Corporation AdaptersCorporation Adapters
Reed Corporation Adapters can be found here.
Drilling/Tapping MachinesDrilling/Tapping Machines
Combination Drilling/Tapping Machines are easier to use, save operating time, and
are a better value than any other machine.
Drilling/Tapping Machine Combo Conversion KitsDrilling/Tapping Machine Combo Conversion Kits
Conversion Kit for Combination Drilling/Tapping Machine.

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