Grey Pneumatic 3146D 3/4 Grey Pneumatic 3146D 3/4" Drive x 1-7/16" 12-Point Deep Length Fractional Impact Socket
• All Grey Impact Sockets feature our "high torque" drive. This feature limits the amount of wear on the corners of the fastener and the socket.
• It also improves the strength of the socket, transfers increased torque to the fastener and allows easier access to tight areas.
• Grey Pneumatic also has a large selection of impact Torx drivers, Impact hex drivers, stripped nut/wheel lock removers and torque limiting extensions.
• 12-Point Deep Length Fractional Impact Socket

Product Specifications-
Drive End: 1.73"
Socket End: 2.17"
Bolt Clearance Depth: 2.68"
Hex Depth: 0.94"
Length: 3.74"
Weight: 1.4 lbs
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