PFERD 11127 - 10 Pack of 1167-4-2 4 PFERD 11127 - 10 Pack of 1167-4-2 4" Round Key File Second Cut
Features-• American Pattern Machinist Files are the most widely used files.• PFERD offers a complete range of shapes sizes and cuts including Flat, Half Round, Knife, Square and many, many more!• Similar to Warding Files, Key Files are very thin in thickness. • Their big advantage is that they are manufactured in all popular machinists file shapes. • Double cut. • Designed specially for use in locks and keys, they are also well-suited for use by electricians, mechanics and anyone engaged in precision work.• Round shape Key Files are designed for enlarging circular holes or rounded grooves that are too small for a half round key file. • They taper toward the point, making it adaptable for use on various size holes.• 10 Pack
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