PFERD 11140 - 10 Pack of 1127-4-2 4 PFERD 11140 - 10 Pack of 1127-4-2 4" Flat File Second Cut
Features-• American Pattern Machinist Files are the most widely used files.• PFERD offers a complete range of shapes sizes and cuts including Flat, Half Round, Knife, Square and many, many more!• Similar to Warding Files, Key Files are very thin in thickness. • Their big advantage is that they are manufactured in all popular machinists file shapes. • Double cut. • Designed specially for use in locks and keys, they are also well-suited for use by electricians, mechanics and anyone engaged in precision work.• Flat shape Key Files are tapered in width at the point and slightly tapered in thickness at the point. • Double cut on both sides and are single cut on the edges.• 10 Pack
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