PFERD 12039 - 266-6-0 6-1/4 PFERD 12039 - 266-6-0 6-1/4" Needle File Set Vinyl Pouch Cut 0
Features-• Swiss Pattern Needle Files are used by die makers and other fine tool makers. • PFERD manufactures twelve different shapes, each with long knurled handle for firm grip. • For the comfort and protection of tool and die maker’s hands, we now make available bonded Plastic Handles on all Swiss Pattern Needle Files. • Detail filing with this new design handle is made easier and safer by eliminating cramped fingers and the possibility of scratches or cuts on filer’s hands caused by slipping. Makes unnecessary the improvising of other makeshift handles or tape. All Needle Files are double cut.• Conveniently packaged sets of needle files are available from PFERD. • Grouped with the same cut and length, files are grouped by shape. • This ensures a consistency in removal rate per stroke, while allowing the user to file on various tool and die geometries.
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