PFERD 62093 - 10 Pack of PFF 115 Z SGP-EXTRA 4-1/2 PFERD 62093 - 10 Pack of PFF 115 Z SGP-EXTRA 4-1/2" x 7/8" Polifan Flap Disc Flat Zirconia Extra 120 Grit
Features-• PFERD Grinding & Cut-off Wheels offer world-leading performance. For free-hand, portable, chop and stationary saws.• POLIFAN Flap Discs combine the 2-step process of rough grinding with a hard wheel and finishing with a fiber disc. One-step POLIFAN Flap discs are aggressive, and capable of extremely high removal rates. They grind quietly and comfortably for enhanced user comfort. They leave a superior surface finish, and can save you time and money.• The new Special/High Performance Line SGP contains 2 product selections. SGP POLIFAN Flap Discs represent the highest performance level in the PFERD range. If you are interested in the getting the best, and are not ruled by price, then look to PFERD SGP for unparalleled performance. The SGP range also includes discs engineered to solve specific problems, or to meet specific requirements. These products are problem solvers, and not intended for general purpose use.• Flat (Type 27) High performance type for demanding grinding applications in surface grinding and weld seam finishing work. POLIFAN Zirkon Extra features additional flaps for maximum wheel life span, long service life and high productivity.• Diameter: 4-1/2"• Thickness: 3/4"• Thickness: 18mm• Arbor Hole: 7/8 A.H.• Grit: 120• Max. RPM: 12,200• 10 Pack
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