PFERD 62701 - 25 Pack of 80 FS 178-22 A 7 PFERD 62701 - 25 Pack of 80 FS 178-22 A 7" x 7/8" Fiber Disc Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit
Features-• PFERD produces a complete range of coated and non-woven abrasives including Fiber Discs, Flap Wheels, Belts, Flap Discs, Rolls and much more. With innovative specialties like POLICAP seamless abrasive caps, you'll find new solutions for your finishing needs with PFERD.• PFERD offers a wide variety of fiber discs types to suit every need. Choose from material types including Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia and several grades of Ceramic discs! Standard and quick change versions available for all disc sizes.• PFERD's product range includes a very high quality aluminum oxide fiber disc. The resin fiber disc is the most popular form of coated material in use. The advantages are clear; highly flexible for following contours, diverse range of diameters and grits, etc. The main disadvantage, frequent disc change-up requirements, are minimized by PFERD's use of top quality, premium coated material.These discs feature heavy-duty, cloth backing with Aluminum Oxide grain. Closed coat for use on steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, aluminum and wood.• These Aluminum Oxide Fiber Discs are produced with a standard, plain arbor hole for use with conventional backing pads.• Diameter: 7"• Thread Size: 7/8"• Grit: 16• Max. RPM: 8,500• 25 Pack
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