PFERD 69050 - GTS 120R 5811 5 PFERD 69050 - GTS 120R 5811 5" Smooth Fiber Disc Backing Pad 5/8-11 Nut Regular Density
Features-• PFERD produces a complete range of coated and non-woven abrasives including Fiber Discs, Flap Wheels, Belts, Flap Discs, Rolls and much more. • With innovative specialties like POLICAP seamless abrasive caps, you'll find new solutions for your finishing needs with PFERD.• PFERD offers a wide variety of fiber discs types to suit every need. • Choose from material types including Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia and several grades of Ceramic discs! • Standard and quick change versions available for all disc sizes.• Backing Pads for use with 7/8" ? and quick-change fiber discs. • Available with a smooth surface (recommended for quick change discs) or ribbed surface rubber pads.• Rib design allows for better cooling, which improves disc life. • These pads are available in various densities. • For general purpose grinding, the regular density is recommended.• For maximum flexibility, choose the flexible pad. For Ceramic and Zirconia discs, the harder the backing pad, the better the disc performance.• Choose high quality PFERD smooth backing pads for best surface finish achievable with your PFERD discs. • These pads are made of rubber (multiple durometer selection) for 4" through 9" grinders.• Diameter: 5" • Nut Size: 5/8-11• Backing Density: Regular • Max. RPM: 10,000
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