Robert Larson 505-1410 Two Cherries Curved Gouge Sweep #5 10mm Robert Larson 505-1410 Two Cherries Curved Gouge Sweep #5 10mm
505-1412 Two Cherries Curved Gouge Sweep #5
• They are available in nearly 750 different sizes and shapes. There are no carving chisels made anywhere in the world today that surpass the quality of these German tools. These are professional, long model tools, fine polished inside and outside, with a blade length (without tang) of 125mm.
• Ordering carving tools can be confusing, so here is an explanation of the numbering system for our full size professional tools. All our tools have a seven digit number (XXXXXXX). The first three digits for all professional carving tools is 505 (505-XXXX). The next two digits indicate the "sweep" of the tool (505-08XX). The last two digits indicate the width of the cutting edge (505-0812). The preceding example (505-0812) indicates a professional Two Cherries #8-sweep straight gouge with a cutting edge of 12mm.
• All tools come standard with a fine quality octagon handle. In addition, all tools of 25mm or larger have double-hooped handles for added strength.

Product Specifications-
• Curved Gouge: 10mm
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