Jet 707410 10 Jet 707410 10" Jointer/Planer Combo, With Stand
Looking for a powerful jointer and planer in your shop or on the go? Look no further than the new Jet B3NCH 10" Benchtop Jointer/Planer Combo. This powerhouse gives you the 1-2 punch of features usually only found on big floor models. Precision adjustment knobs, a telescoping blade guard, and a large dust port are only a few of the features that make this jointer/planer a must-have for your home shop.

• Combination bench top jointer & planer provides a 2 in 1 machine to maximize work space
• Rigid steel stand allows jointer planer to transition from the bench top to the floor
• Compact bench top design fits conveniently in small shop environments
• Integrated cord wrap makes transporting easy and ensures workshop safety
• Heavy Duty 13 Amp motor for various cutting applications
• Two high speed steel knives for precise, smooth cuts
• Oversized, ergonomic knobs provide ease of use and maximum control
• Large aluminum extruded fence makes joining stable and precise
• Sheet metal out feed table with height adjustment supports long work pieces and helps reduce snipe
• Planing and joining tables lock to ensure precision cutting
• Precision ground table top ensures a smooth, straight cut

• Designed with the space limitations faced by many of today’s woodworkers, the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer packs the capabilities of the jointer and planer into a single, space-saving footprint. Combining the jointer and planer, two of the most-used core woodworking machines also saves money.

Power with Precision-
• The Jet 10" Jointer/Planer is powered by a 13A, 120V (only) motor. A paddle-style switch controls the motor. This switch has a removable “key” that helps prevent usage of the machine when you are not present. A push button next to the paddle switch resets the automatic thermal protection circuit.
• The motor power is delivered to the cutterhead with a drive belt for smooth, consistent operation. The cutterhead spins at 9000 RPM to give the best overall performance with the various wood species and grain types you may encounter. The motor also powers the feed rollers for the planning function using a chain drive. The entire drive system is enclosed within a housing that keeps you safe while helping to protect the mechanism from dust contamination.

Knife System-
• The precision machined, all-steel cutterhead is equipped with two high-quality knives. The knives are 10”-long and 0.060”-thick and made from premium steel so they take and hold a sharp edge. The knives are retained with tried and true wedge blocks and gib screws. A jackscrew is located at each end of the knives to make setting critical heights
easier and more accurate. A knife setting gauge is also provided to make setting the knives fast and easy.
• This cutterhead is used for both jointing and planning operations. The large diameter and mass of the all steel cutterhead body adds considerable inertia that helps keep the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer cutting smoothly.

Jointing Table and Fence-
• The cast aluminum jointing table is 36”-long and 10-1/4”- wide overall. The
table surface is precisely machined to be flat and smooth. The Jet 10" Jointer/Planer is
capable of a maximum cut depth of 1/8” with the cut adjusted using a single knob at the end of the infeed table. A handy cut depth gauge is provided at the front edge of the infeed table. The infeed table is locked in position with a pair of finger-operated knobs.
• The extruded aluminum fence is 4-7/8”-tall and 25”-long. The fence can be used at 90- degrees to the table surface for squaring stock or it can be tilted up to 45-degrees (right) for bevel cuts. The fence is locked in place with an easy-to-use handle on the rear.

Planer Table
• The planer table surface is 19-3/4”-long (with the included extension table) by 10-1/2”-wide. The table is raised and lowered with a hand crank that plugs into the top of the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer. A handy scale next to the planer infeed opening shows the current table to knife distance and makes setup fast and easy. The planer table moves up and down on four lead screws, one in each corner of the main cabinet
for maximum stability. The table is secured for making cuts with a single locking handle.
• The Jet 10" Jointer/Planer has a maximum planer thickness capacity of 4-1/2”, max cut
width of 10” and a maximum cut depth of 5/64”. The Jet 10" Jointer/Planer will also
plane work pieces with a minimum length of 6”! For the best overall performance the
Jet 10" Jointer/Planer has a fixed feed rate of 19.5 FPM. (feet per minute) The infeed table adjustment (left) is operated by a single, easy to use knob. The fence has a full 45-degree (out) adjustment (right) and locks with a repositionable lever on the rear.

Dust Collection-
• The Jet 10" Jointer/Planer comes with a single dust shroud assembly that can be
installed for either jointing or planer functions. This chute is attached using finger operated knobs that make installation fast and tool free. The dust shroud is also designed as a safety interlock for the jointer-planer. This means the machine will not operate unless the dust shroud is installed in either the jointing or planning mode.
• Jet also includes a hose adapter that allows using either a 2-1/2” or 4”-diameter hose so that the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer is compatible with your shop-vac or dust collection unit. The hose adapter also works in both jointing and planer modes.

• This all-steel stand is easy to assemble and very sturdy to keep the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer stable during use. Its design helps to retain the small footprint to maximize shop floor space.
• If you have a small shop or workspace, the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer could be for you. Despite its space saving footprint, the Jet 10" Jointer/Planer includes many full-sized
machine features, accuracy and power. The user-friendly features mean you will be up and running in no time.

Cutterhead Speed: 9000 RPM
Number of Knives (Standard): 2
Standard Knife Size (L x W x T): 10" x 0.65" x 0.06"
Fence Size (L x H): 25" x 4-7/8"
Fence Tilts: 0 - 45 degrees
Motor Voltage: 115 V
Prewired Voltage: 115 V
Motor Current: 13 A
Cuts Per Minute: 18,000 CPM
Feed Speed: 19.5 FPM
Max. Cutting Width: 10”
Jointer Max. Cut Depth: 1/8"
Planer Max. Cut Depth: 0.08"
Height: 17"
Width: 20"
Length: 40.4"
Net Weight: 73.9 lbs.
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