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Tool Zone Catalog > Woodworking Hand Tools > Measuring and Layout
Marking GaugesMarking Gauges
Cutting GaugesCutting Gauges
Miter SquaresMiter Squares
Mortise GaugesMortise Gauges
Small LevelsSmall Levels
Try SquaresTry Squares
Panel GaugesPanel Gauges
Wheel Marking GaugesWheel Marking Gauges
Adjustable BevelsAdjustable Bevels
Angle Dividers & Angle MastersAngle Dividers & Angle Masters
Combination SquaresCombination Squares
Dovetail MarkersDovetail Markers
Engineer SquaresEngineer Squares
Try/Setup GaugesTry/Setup Gauges
Folding RulesFolding Rules
Steel RulesSteel Rules
Center RulesCenter Rules
Self-Adhesive RulesSelf-Adhesive Rules
Flexible Curve RulesFlexible Curve Rules
Angle Finding Tools & ProtractorsAngle Finding Tools & Protractors
Compasses, Dividers, and CalipersCompasses, Dividers, and Calipers
These tools are all superb quality and will make measuring and layout work easier and more accurate. All tools
are nicely polished with brass fittings where feasible. In addition, all feature a unique quick-nut adjustment that is easy and fast to use. This is a broad assortment of styles and sizes, with all being hand finished and tested as the last step in the production process.

Dividers • Outside Calipers • Inside Calipers • Compasses
Trammel HeadsTrammel Heads
Drawing JigsDrawing Jigs
Center FindersCenter Finders
Pounce WheelsPounce Wheels
This selection of awls from Germany and Japan that can be used for a wide variety of shop tasks. Mark the point where you will start a drill, mark a line against a rule, pierce a small hole in thin material.
Marking KnifesMarking Knifes
Contour GaugesContour Gauges
Square FencesSquare Fences
Saddle SquaresSaddle Squares
Center PunchesCenter Punches
Plumb Bob'sPlumb Bob's
Carpenter's HelperCarpenter's Helper

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