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Tool Zone Catalog > Woodworking Hand Tools > Sjöbergs Birch Workbenches
Nordic Plus -
Based upon the latest Sjöbergs design, the Nordic Plus range gives you the size you need at a price you can afford. The amazing versatility of vise location permits left or right handed use or clamping on both ends, or dual clamping on the front. The top is made of panel-glued European birch to withstand rough treatment. The
sturdy trestles are made from Nordic pine. All the wood is FSC certified which guarantees forestry renewal. This hard Nordic birch top is built to last a lifetime of normal use, and has a double row of 3/4" clamping holes working from each of the four vise locations, giving an endless opportunity to clamp your work.

Sjöbergs Elite -
European bench making at its finest! These two Swedes are smarter than any alternatives on the market. Sjöbergs Elite cabinetmaker benches are designed and built by the finest Swedish benchmaking craftsmen to be found. Constructed in European beech. The top is 85 mm (3”+) in the centre with a 110 mm (4”+) skirt, and treated with a premium quality enriching oil. The specially developed vises provide an enormous clamping power across 600 mm (231/2”). You will be amazed by the clamping speed, accuracy and smoothness. Bench comes with four 1” steel bench dogs. Suitable for right or left handed persons! In less than two minutes, the front vise can be fitted on either side. A double row of 1” (25.4 mm) round dogs work from both vises. With the new high speed holdfast, you can clamp your work in a split second using any dog hole or the holes in the trestle. With a large range of accessories, your Sjöbergs Elite bench will be the perfect foundation for your workshop.
Workbench AccessoriesWorkbench Accessories
Cupboards, Bench Dogs, Anvils, and Vises for Sjöberg Woodworking Benches

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