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Chemicals & Compounds Chemicals & Compounds
Chemicals such as solvents are an essential element for any job around the plant or shop.
Compound Leverage SnipsCompound Leverage Snips
Less effort and less fatigue are what you can expect from these quality Compound Leverage Snips. Explore our vast variety and choose the right tool for the job.
Industrial Cutters Industrial Cutters
Cutters made with quality control, fine materials and safety minded craftsmanship to exceed standard expectations.
Industrial MagnetsIndustrial Magnets
Supreme holding power and great craftsmanship. Industrial magnets can be found here that will match your needs.
Solid metal craftsmanship that will bring you many reliable and useful cuts for all your jobs.
Metalworking ClampsMetalworking Clamps
Angle Devices • Clamps • Deep Throat Regular Duty • Double Head C-Clamps • Drop Forged C-Clamps • Extra Heavy-Duty • Heavy Duty • Heavy Service C-Clamps • Lever • Lever Heavy Duty • Light Duty • Medium Duty • Regular Duty • Replaceable Parts & Accessories • RightHite Hold Down System Long Reach • RightHite Hold Down System Short Reach • Shop Floor Heavy Duty • Shop Floor Regular Duty • Square Head C-Clamps • Welder's
Reco Induction Bearing HeatersReco Induction Bearing Heaters
Use for bearings, sprockets, couplings, sleeves and gears for versatile, increased productivity on your projects.
Woodworking ClampsWoodworking Clamps
Bar Clamps • Clamps • Clippix Plastic Spring Clamps • Deep Reach Ratcheting Spring Clamps • Economy Plastic Spring Clamps • Edge Clamps • K Body REVO • K Body REVO Accessories and Kits • K Body REVO Replacement Parts • Malleable Cast C-Clamps • Quick Release C-Clamps • Replaceable Parts & Accessories • Seaming Tool Clamps • Steel Spring Clamps • Strap Clamps • VarioClippix Spring Clamps • Vario K Body Revo • Wood Handscrew • Wood Klemmy
X4 Torque MultipliersX4 Torque Multipliers
Dramatically increase Torque output with this amazing ensemble of Torque Multipliers at unbeatable prices.

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