Bessey 2400S-36 36 Bessey 2400S-36 36" x 5.5" 2400 Series "F" Style Regular Duty Bar Clamp with Tommy Bar
• Does the work of C Clamps … but does it 9x faster. Replacement arms, spindles and MorPads are
available for high-performance BESSEY steel clamps.
• “NEW” refers to the new rail profile of the 2400S series. More clamping force and greater stability.
• Offered with ergonomic BESSEY Grip handle - a durable comfortable accessory that fits snuggly over the standard steel sliding pin handle.

• Throat Depth: 5/12"
• Clamping Capacity: 36"
• Clamping Force: 2800 Lbs.
• Weight: 10.75 Lbs.
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