Bessey BCS440V Reco Induction Bearing Heater Bessey BCS440V Reco Induction Bearing Heater
• Extend bearing life and cut operating cost by eliminating hammering and pounding to cold-mount bearings
• Works on bearings, sprockets, gears, couplings, sleeves
• Reduces risk to operator from flames, torches or oil baths
• Demagnetizes bearings – easy to use, ready in minutes
• All Bearing heaters are single phase units

Voltage: 2200V (30 amps)
Standard Cross Bar: 1-1/4", 3"
Optional Cross Bar: 1"(Only available in the USA), 2"
Weight: 235 Lbs.

Warning: Do NOT operate an induction heater if you wear a heart pace-maker.
The strong magnetic field emitted by the heater may affect operation of such
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