Bessey DUO30-8 3.75 Bessey DUO30-8 3.75" x 12" DuoKlamp One-handed Bar Clamp
• Clamping and spreading with the twist of a dial. Reverse the action of the DuoKlamp from clamping to spreading with a simple twist of the mini-dial. This unique feature makes it easy to switch between clamping and spreading without taking the tool apart.
• The ergonomically shaped handle with pump lever runs parallel to the rail for balanced, safe handling. The pump lever makes it easy to tighten clamping pressure
• A quick press of the button allows the clamping arm to quickly slide up or down to clamping position.
• The large jaws made of impact and fracture resistant reinforced polyamide stay parallel to each other. This unique centered jaw configuration facilitates clamping on all four edges as well as the
large surface of the jaw.

• Throat Depth: 3-1/4"
• Clamping Capacity: 12"
• Clamping Force: 260 Lbs.
• Weight: 1.35 Lbs.
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