Bessey KRV-40 40 Bessey KRV-40 40" x 3.75" Vario K Body REVO Parallel Clamp
Anywhere where high pressure clamping, 90 degree clamping or powerful spreading is required the new
BESSEY K Body REVO clamp is the ideal tool. With clamping forces up to 1500 lbs., 30% larger clamping
surfaces and sensible accessories this clamp can do the job. The BESSEY K Body REVO is also suited
for accurate adjustment of corners and offset edges.

• Parallel clamping surface with jaw protection pads. The extremely large flat clamping surfaces
(made of impact and break resistant polyamide) are arguably the most powerful and most parallel clamps in the world. The three replaceable pressure caps are resistant to glue, paint and solvents.
• The Moveable ‘Fixed’ Jaw. For the first time ever, BESSEY offers the opportunity to adjust both jaws to optimize clamping set-up. With the push of a button the ‘fixed’ jaw can be moved to where you
want it.
• New larger 2K composite handle is high quality 2K composite handle with soft plastic insert for comfort while working.
• Rail protection pieces (made from impact resistant polyamide) prevent direct contact of the workpiece to the rail. With TK6 table clamps you can easily fasten the rail protection pieces to a work surface.
• Removable end-clip ensures clamp sits parallel to work surface and is removable to reverse sliding arm for use as spreader.

• Throat Depth: 3-3/4"
• Clamping Capacity: 40"
• Clamping force: 1500 Lbs.
• Weight: 7.55 Lbs.
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