Bessey LC-20 20 Bessey LC-20 20" x 5" Rapid-Action Lever Clamp
• Secure ratchet mechanism that ensures rapid, vibration-resistant clamping. Hardened cam at the end of the lever ensures a long service life.
• Extremely sturdy Torsion-resistant, fixed bracket and pressure plate are produced and tempered in one piece for maximum tensile strength and sturdiness.
• Forged sliding arm is made from tempered, drop-forged steel for long service life.
• Extremely sturdy handle with the Ergonomically shaped powder-coated clamping lever and plastic-coated release for comfort and power.
• Added trigger protection reduces the chance of pinched fingers.

• Throat Depth: 4-3/4"
• Clamping Capacity: 20"
• Clamping force: 1200 Lbs.
• Weight: 5.75 Lbs.
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