Bessey SG30VAD 12 Bessey SG30VAD 12" x 4.75" KombiKlamp Multi-purpose Clamp
Multi-angle pad, Robust Variable Angle Device (VAD) allows for a solid grip on odd shapes -also reverses for spreading.
Removable end stop, The end stop can be removed – to allow the sliding arm to be quickly turned around for spreading.
Replaceable pressure plate, For enhanced serviceability, the pressure plate can be replaced quickly and easily without the need for special tools.
Tommy bar with ergonomic BESSEY Grip Ergonomic BESSEY Grip offers greater comfort and slides with the T-handle.
Easily converts to a spreading device, Remove the end stop, reverse the cross arm and reverse the VAD and this clamp becomes a very versatile spreading device.
Made in Germany, All components produced and assemble under rigid controls in BESSEY’s German

• Throat Depth: 4-3/4"
• Clamping Capacity: 12" (11" with VAD installed)
• Clamping Force: 2600 Lbs.
• Weight: 6 Lbs.
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