Bessey TGJ2.536+2K 2.5 Bessey TGJ2.536+2K 2.5" x 36" Tradesmen’s TG Series Light Weight Bar Clamp with 2K Comfort Grip Handle
• Maximum safety is available with the integrated anti-slip system. A set screw that is molded into the sliding arm interlocks with the serration on the rail to prevent the clamp from slipping.
• Corrugated malleable cast iron fixed jaw and sliding arm generate powerful, rigid clamping. Top jaw is press fitted to the rail. No mechanical fasteners to loosen. Powder coating protects against corrosion.
• The BESSEY profiled rail from their own German steel plant has been optimized for clamps. The profile acts as a reliable reinforcement against torsional forces, while the serration on six faces additionally
prevents the clamp from slipping.
• The smooth running spindle with Acme thread allows for more clamping with less effort. Replaceable pressure plates can be easily changed without tools.
• With the TG series you have the choice of the tried-and-true wooden handle or the 2K composite handle with a comfort insert. Replaceable pressure pads come standard with 2K handle.

• Throat Depth: 2-1/2"
• Clamping Capacity: 36"
• Clamping Force: 600 Lbs.
• Weight: 3.50 Lbs.
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