Bessey WVS-4 4 Bessey WVS-4 4" Opening Welder's Multi-Angle Vise Set
• The original BESSEY metal angle clamps have been especially developed for use in steel construction, welding and metalworking. Their wide range of applications include e.g. holding, fixing and aligning materials at an exact right angle. The clear working area means that you can access the workpiece unhindered during welding and assembly work, and when fixing T-joints. That’s why the original BESSEY metal angle clamp is a must for every workshop. The metal angle clamp WSM – for holding workpieces – including workpieces of different thicknesses – at a precise 90 degree angle.

• Clamping Capacity: 4-3/8"
• Jaw Height: 1-3/8"
• Range of Angle: 50 degrees to 180 degrees
• Weight: 23 Lbs.
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