Coxreels SL13-L125 Left Side Mount With Locking Ratchet Spring Driven Reel 1/4 Coxreels SL13-L125 Left Side Mount With Locking Ratchet Spring Driven Reel 1/4" X 25' @ 300 PSI Reel With Hose
S “Safety Series Side Mount” spring driven hose reels are compact, versatile and unique in the way they mount and operate. They feature a simple two-bolt mounting pattern for easy installation and detachment for multiple workstation applications. The 360 degrees hose direction allows the user to operate the reel from front to back, top to bottom, any direction the job demands. Common applications include air/water service units, tool benches, tool boxes, vertical walls and beams, vehicle lift systems, machine tools, service vehicles, or any flat vertical surface that requires the convenience, safety and efficiency of a hose reel.

• Hose Inside Diameter: 1/4”
• Pressure: 300 PSI
• 2-Bolt Mounting Pattern Easily Mounts & Detaches For Multiple Work Station Applications
• Heavy Gauge Steel Arm Mounts Flat To Any Surface Such As: Tool Boxes, Benches, Vehicle Lifts, Beams, etc.
• 360 degree Payout Designed For Use From Any Direction
• Hose Control Bar Is Full Drum Width Preventing Derailment
• Multi-position Locking Ratchet Secures Hose At Desired Length.

Spring Driven-
• Auto Rewind Easily Wraps, Stores & Protects Hose
• Factory-Matched Cartridge-Style Spring Motor
• Brass NPT Swivel, With Stainless Steel Stud For Non-Corrosive Strength & Performance
• Protective Spring Guard Prevents Hose From Rubbing & Wearing
• Professional Grade Heavy Duty Steel Construction
• Durable Proprietary CPC Powder Coat Process
• Rolled Edges & Ribbed Discs Provide Strength & Safety
• 2-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
• Made In The U.S.A.

Low Pressure-
Models with hose are for air or water service with a maximum temperature 150 degrees F. Models less hose can be used for air, water or oil. Note: Do not exceed listed hose O.D. to obtain maximum

Product Specifications-
Mount: Left
Inside Diameter: 1/4"
Feet: 25'
PSI: 300
Reel Width: 13"
Reel Height: 6"
Reel Length:14-1/4"
Base Width: 9-1/4"
Weight: 18 lbs.
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