Grey Pneumatic 2516 5/8 Grey Pneumatic 2516 5/8" 1-Piece Broken Cap Nut & Wheel Stud Removal Tool
• Grey Pneumatic Impact Sockets are designed for professional tool users.
• They are engineered specifically for use with impact tools, using the most up to date industrial specifications.
• Grey Pneumatic Impact Sockets are made from high quality alloy steel (chrome-molybdenum).
• Thorough and exact heat treatment insures the correct balance of strength and durability.
• Grey Pneumatic Impact Sockets are tested to the highest specifications to deliver outstanding performance.

Benefits of the Grey Pneumatic Impact Socket “High Torque” Drive-
• Increased Strength-Transfers the pressure from the thinnest part of the socket wall toward the thicker section, resulting in increased strength.
• Increased Torque-Allows up to 20% more torque to be applied than on standard hex impact sockets.
• Easier Access to Tight Area-The shift in pressure allows us to reduce the socket wall thickness, increasing access to tight areas.
• Reduced Wear-The impact sockets grip the fastener across a broader contact area, reducing the chance of rounding off fasteners.

• One-Piece tools for the removal of broken/stripped inner cap nuts and spoke wheel hammered on, self tapping spines cut grooves down the stud for easy removal.

Product Specifications-
Description: 5/8” Wheel Stud Removal Tool
Application: For removing 5/8” Broken Wheel Studs
The Teeth of these tools will wear out after limited use, therefore, they are not covered under the Grey Pneumatic Warranty.
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