INCRA IRSET18 18 INCRA IRSET18 18" Marking set
INCRA Rules in 18" Set with 3 different rules
• INCRA Rules are sold individually or in complete sets 6", 12", and 18" sets. Each
set includes the Precision Marking Rule, Precision T-Rule, and Precision Bend Rule, along with a fine (0.5mm) marking pencil.
• Incra Marking Rules have the most precise marking system available. Each .5mm hole or slot lets your Incra .5mm pencil mark the work perfectly without worry of parallax or angle slip.
• One excellent use of the Incra T-Rule is shown here. With the pencil in a marking hole, slide along any edge to draw perfectly placed horizontal lines.
• And of course, the old issue of bending a mark accurately from one side to the other is now a piece of cake with the Incra Bend Rule.
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