INCRA LS25 25 INCRA LS25 25" Range Positioner Only
The LS25 Fence Positioner is the perfect upgrade for Incra router systems using the earlier Ultra positioners, and it’s also the ideal foundation for a custom system. The mid-sized LS25 allows extra routing capacity on a large router table, and when fitted with the proper sub base, it offers enough fence travel to be used with the INCRA TS Table Saw Rail systems in place of the larger LS32 or Ultra 32 positioners.
The LS is the beefiest positioner we’ve ever produced, with rock-solid fence travel of 17”, 25”, or 32”. The patented steel lead screw positioning system adds quite a bit of mass, and since the lead screw is used for both incremental positioning and the micro adjust, the LS has fewer moving parts than the Ultra. Other improvements include recessed, “big view” cursor windows, a large micro adjust knob conveniently located next to the fence, and all of the functions are now controlled by a single lever. And, quite simply, the sleek design is a handsome addition to any modern shop .

An engraved steel primary scale, Lexan secondary scale, and Auto Center Scale are included standard. The steel fence mounting bracket accepts 1/4"-20 fasteners and is slotted vertically to accommodate several fence options and positioner installation heights. The LS25 is compatible with the Pro-II Joinery Fence and stand-alone Wonder Fence 37 when used on a router table, and accepts the TS-3A fence extrusion used with INCRA table saw systems since the year 2000.

The LS17 and LS25 feature a removable, T-slotted sub base under the tubular base housing. This sub base allows super-clean mounting directly to the router table with the fasteners fully concealed.
Note: The LS25’s standard aluminum sub base must be replaced with a thinner steel sub base to be compatible with the Incra table saw rail systems. If you intend to use the LS25 with the TS Rail System, please place your order by phone to ensure that your positioner is shipped with the appropriate sub base.
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