INCRA RT2436OS 24 INCRA RT2436OS 24" x 36" Off Router Table
Free Standing Router Table Tops
• The 24" x 36" offset style table is a compact choice perfect for the LS-Positioner 17" model, the Ultra 16 or the Ultra Lite.
• All of INCRA's new lineup of heavy duty router table tops feature a 1-1/4" MDF substrate with a high pressure horizontal grade phenolic laminate top and bottom. With a total thickness of 1-3/8", these tops are designed to support even the heaviest of production routers and lifts, and will work with any standard 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" mounting plate.
• Rather than the typical router plate leveling set screws that dig into the table's recess requiring constant re-adjustment, Incra's plate leveling system puts flat head levelers in the table, not in the router mounting plate. Access to these levelers is through the 10 access holes located around the perimeter of the mounting plate. Just insert the hex key in the access holes and turn to adjust. After leveling, a simple quarter turn of the corner mounted Cam-Lock securely holds the plate in the router table's recess.
• All INCRA Router Tables are shipped with a 3/8" solid aluminum router mounting plate, pre-drilled for your router, featuring the exclusive Magna-Lock magnetic throat plate system. Changing any of the included throat plates is a snap with the Magna Lock System. Just drop in the selected plate. The high energy, rare-earth magnets hold the plate secure and perfectly flush every time. All of our mounting plates include 3 laser cut throat plates with a 1", 2-1/8" and 3-5/8" opening.
Note: Specify your router preference when placing an order with your Incra dealer.

RT2436OS Offset Router Table Includes-
• Solid Aluminum Magma-LOCK Plate
• 3 Rings (1", 2-1/8", 3-5/8")
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