INCRA TRACKSYS52 52 INCRA TRACKSYS52 52" Track and Incra Shop Stop
• The INCRA Track System is the optimum solution to any cutting operation that requires accuracy, repeatability, multiple stop positions, or just plain ease of use. It will dramatically increase the precision and performance of your Miter Gauge, Drill Press, Miter Saw, Radial Arm Saw, and an unlimited variety of shop-
made jigs and fixtures.
• The key is INCRA's patented sawtooth racks which position your work instantly and automatically in EXACT 1/32" steps with true machine shop precision without measuring . It's also micro adjustable to fine-tune your position anywhere between fixed steps.

Maximum Versatility-
• The INCRA Track System was designed for maximum versatility in your woodworking shop.
• Multiple T-slots and through holes provide a means for quickly and easily attaching these rigid aluminum track sections to virtually any woodworking tool. Shop-made wooden subfence, used to provide splinter-free zero clearance support or to extend fence length or height, slides directly into a T-slot along the Track's front face. The heart of the System, the INCRA Shop Stop, is expandable to accommodate any fence thickness up to 1-1/2". It's vertically adjustable to accommodate any fence height up to 3-1/2".
• It's micro adjustable for 1/1000" precision. And, of course, it can be instantly set (or reset) to any position with machine shop accuracy and ZERO repeatability error. A precision sliding reference scale is included with each Track section. Tracks are available in 18", 36", and 52" standard lengths. Each rigid aluminum Track section also features multiple T-slots, mounting holes, and complete hardware for installation on just about any tool. Choose the length that best suits your needs.

Easy Installation-
• INCRA Track attaches directly to just about any horizontal or vertical surface, so it will easily
mount to all of your favorite tools. Mounting hardware is included. Easy installation on almost every power tool, jig and fixture in your shop. The 18" solid aluminum linear tracks feature five T-slots, multiple mounting holes, hardware and illustrated instruction manual.

Miter Gauge-
• Improve the performance of any miter gauge, and put an end to trial and error cuts forever. You'll find your crosscuts not only accurate, but repeatable as well.
Zero Clearance Fence
A shop-made wooden subfence slides directly
onto the Track's front face to provide splinter-free zero clearance support for all of your cuts.

Jigs & Fixtures-
• We call INCRA Track the Jig-Makers Jig! Now you can add INCRA's famous precision and repeatability to all of those one-of-a-kind shop-made jigs and fixtures that are so useful for specialty operations and production work. The crosscut sled shown here is just one example.

Miter Saw-
• Add INCRA Track's incremental precision to both sides of the blade, and throw out your tape measure. This is what every Miter Saw needs! Track sections can be cascaded for unlimited crosscutting capacity.

Drill Press-
• Work at your drill press is quicker, easier, and far more accurate with the INCRA Track System. You'll find it particularly useful for holes such as counterbores which require more than one bit and multiple synchronized
drilling operations.

Radial Arm Saw-
• Add a precision incremental fence to your Radial Arm Saw. Track sections can be mounted end-to-end for unlimited crosscut capacity. Works on
both sides of the blade.
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