INCRA TSCOMBO4 Table Saw Combo #4 INCRA TSCOMBO4 Table Saw Combo #4
52" Range TSLS Super with 28" x 32" Right Side Router Table
• The NEW INCRA TS-LS offers the one thing that every table saw fence should have, but none of them do, namely, Automatic Positioning Control. All other table saws depend on a tape measure and your eyesight to position your work. That's why all table saw users are resigned to the fact that a good cut requires long set-up times and endless trial and error. The INCRA TS-LS completely eliminates the need for these tedious processes by using INCRA'S patented lead screw technology to position your work instantly and automatically to within 0.002".
INCRA Wonder Fence-
• A heavy-duty, one-fence solution designed for all your routing operations, shaping, edge-forming and precision joinery.
INCRA Shop Stop-
• Patented Automatic Positioning Control and micro adjustability mean instant, repeatable accuracy without measuring or trial and error setups.
INCRA JUMBO Right Angle Fixture-
• The Right Angle Fixture is used to hold your workpiece perpendicular to the table surface during end grain cutting operations.
MagnaLOCK Plate & 3 MagnaLOCK Ring Inserts-
• Solid Aluminum MagnaLOCK Plate & 3 MagnaLOCK Ring Inserts (1", 2-1/8 and 3-5/8").
• The Master Reference Guide comes complete with 51 interchangeable templates. This oversized 11" wide by 17" high book is fully illustrated and clearly written. With numerous examples it will help you create any one of thousands of possible joinery styles. Whether you are creating complex or simple joinery, you will be thrilled with the creative possibilities offered by these reference templates when used with your Incra positioning unit.
82-Minute Instructional DVD-
• Setup and operation of woodworking's most accurate fence system, plus learn the easy way to cut all of your favorite joint types.

The Table Saw Combo #3 Includes-
• LS52-TS-WF - 52" Range TSLS Super System Includes-
TS-IIIAMOUNT- Base Mount Unit and TS-IIIA Rip Fence
• RAIL92- 92" Rails (Pair)
• LS32WFNCSYS- INCRA-LS 32" Range Positioner with Split Router Table Fence Super System Includes-
LS32 Positioner, Incra Wonder Fence, Incra Shop Stop, Right Angle Fixture, Master Reference Guide, 51-piece Joinery Template Library, 82-Minute Instructional DVD, Instruction Manuals
• TSRT2832R- 28" x 32" TS Router Table for Right side of blade Includes-
Solid Aluminum Magna-LOCK Plate and 3 Rings (1", 2-1/8", 3-5/8") plus RT Mount Kit
• TSRTHW-TS Router Table and Support Hardware Kit (RTMount Kit)
• TSLEGS- TS-III Rail Support Legs
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