Norco 72675 1250 Pound Capacity Power Train Lift/Table Norco 72675 1250 Pound Capacity Power Train Lift/Table
The Power Train Lift/Table not only handles transmissions and fuel tanks, but also engines and transaxles, rear ends and leaf springs. Serves as a work table where the components can be lowered to a stable and secure work height for repair.
• An air/hydraulic foot pump includes a metered valve for safe lowering of the load. The pump can be removed from its holder, placed closer to the lift saddle, leaving hands free to accurately position the load.
• Fully adjustable saddle with two ratchet tie downs secure the load to the saddle.
• Four swivel ball bearing caster wheels with polyurethane tread protect floors yet provide easy maneuverability. The rear caster wheels have a double locking feature. One lock prevents the rear wheels from turning when the lift is used in a repair mode. The other locks the rear casters in a fixed direction to provide steering ability.
• The optional model 72508 Fuel Tank Saddle Adapter can quickly and easily be installed.

Capacity (Lbs.): 1250@100PSI
Lift Range: 30" to 77"
Overall Width: 43"
Overall Lenght: 65"
Overall Height: 51-1/4"
Table Size: 14" x 31"
Saddle Tilt Forward: 22 Degrees
Saddle Tilt Back: 22 Degrees
Saddle Side Tilt: +/- 18 Degrees
Weight: 403 Pounds
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