Norco 78099 4-Point Engine Support Tool Norco 78099 4-Point Engine Support Tool
The main transverse support bar mounts on the shock strut towers to support engines. Heavier engines can be sup- ported by using one or both front support adapters on the transverse support bar.
• Fully adjustable strut tower mounts can be positioned on the transverse support bar up to 47-1/2" apart to fit most vehicles.
• Two front support adapters can mount directly onto the transverse support bar and easily be adjusted to fit any engine compartment configuration.
• Support bar and adapters are made of lightweight steel tubing, welded together in a parallel configuration to prevent flexing and provide full length positioning of the hooks and adapter front mounting feet.
• Three 1/2" diameter hooks 14" long and spin knobs provide strength and quick adjustment to support the engine.

Weight: 52 Pounds
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