Norco 78204A 1/2 Ton Capacity Truck Crane Norco 78204A 1/2 Ton Capacity Truck Crane
Designed to raise, lower and transport automobile engines, transmissions, differentials and other heavy loads with minimal effort. Mounts in the bed of a truck or on a loading dock.
• Four position telescopic boom that folds down for traveling position or storage.
• 5 to 1 gear ratio winch with 20 foot long 1/4" diameter steel cable and hook pull the load toward the boom.
• Winch gear design acts as a brake and allows the load to be lowered incrementally if desired and without the need for constant hand pressure against the crank handle.
• Hydraulically activated boom lifts the load to the desired height.
• Crane swivels 360 degrees but can be locked in position.

Boom Capacity @ Length: 1/2 Ton @ 46-1/4"
Boom Height Minimum: 0"
Boom Height Maximum: 68-1/2"
Leg Extension: N/A
Overall Height: 64"
Overall Width: 14"
Overall Length: 46-1/4"
Shipping Weight: 180 Pounds

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