Norco 81036A 1 Ton Capacity Under Hoist Stand Norco 81036A 1 Ton Capacity Under Hoist Stand
For replacing exhaust systems, shock absorbers and MacPherson struts. Hydraulic power will assist in freeing frozen spring shackles, aligning wheels and steering gear adjustments.
• Foot activated pump and lowering pedals allow use of both hands to position components.
• Spring return lowering pedal automatically closes the release valve when foot is removed from pedal.
• 16" hydraulic travel.
• Telescopic support tube with nine height adjustments at 2-1/2" increments.
• A 12" diameter, 3/8" thick steel base provides added stability.
• Two 3" diameter wheels provide easy maneuvering of stand into work position or around the shop.

Capacity (Each Stand): 1Ton
Low Height: 56-1/4"
Extended Height: 94-3/8"
Base Size: 12" Dia.
Saddle Size: 4" x 6-1/4"
Shipping Weight: 51 Pounds
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