Norco 999106 Double-Acting Cylinder Norco 999106 Double-Acting Cylinder
For many applications including shop, agricultural, automotive / truck service needs and construction maintenance applications where lifting, pushing, pulling, bending or holding may be required.
• Same as the standard cylinders but have the ability to pull as well as push under power.
• IMPORTANT: Double-acting cylinders can only be used with the 4-way valve hand pump (model 925014).
• Built-in safety valve prevents over-pressurization.

Push Capacity: 100 Tons
Pull Capacity: 48 Tons
Stroke: 6-5/8"
Oil Push Capacity: 136.93 (Cubic Inches)
Oil Pull Capacity: 63.00 (Cubic Inches)
Cylinder Bore Diameter: 5.13"
Cylinder Push Effective Area: 20.65 (Square Inches)
Cylinder Pull Effective Area: 9.60 (Square Inches)
Minimum Height: 14-1/16"
Maximum Height: 20-11/16"
Outside RAM Diameter: 3.75"
Outside Cylinder Diameter: 7.00"
Saddle Diameter: 3"
Collar Thread Size: 6-7/8 x 12
Weight: 135 Pounds
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