PFERD 14013 - BH125-14 14 PFERD 14013 - BH125-14 14" Adjustable Holder For Car Body Files
Features-• PFERD car body files are not only for use in the car industry. • They are also ideal for sheet metal work, where a smooth and scratch less finish is required for subsequent painting without prior polishing.• PFERD car body files feature ideal tooth form. • The teeth of the car body files are milled from solid metal. • The tooth design clears itself of chips.• PFERD car body files are produced in 6 different cuts from extra coarse to extra fine. • The special feature of the car body file is the convex cross-section. • The cutting area is not flat, but is higher in the middle than at the edges. • The difference in height is about 0.4 mm. • This special cross-section prevents the edges of the file from coming into contact with the work piece. • Therefore no scratches can occur.• Metal and wooden holders for car body files.
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