PFERD 39015 - 5 Pack of 400A 6 PFERD 39015 - 5 Pack of 400A 6" Dressing Stone1" Wide 1" Thick
Features-• Vitrified and Resin bond mounted points are produced in all U.S. standard sizes. • Specialty points are also available including cotton, leather and rubber bond. • From aggressive removal rate to fine finishing, PFERD wide range of mounted points includes solutions to your finishing needs.• PFERD offers a variety of dressing stones that allow you to customize the shape of your PFERD mounted point. • Distributor store display sets are also available.• PFERD offers whetstones and dressing stones to customize the shape of PFERD mounted points based on your needs.• PFERD's small dressing stone is adequate for dressing smaller mounted points, and for infrequent users.• Length: 6" • Width: 1" • Thickness: 1"• 5 Pack
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