PFERD 42823 - 10 Pack of 3 PFERD 42823 - 10 Pack of 3" Polifan Mini Flap Disc Flat Zirconia 120 Grit
Features-• PFERD Grinding & Cut-off Wheels offer world-leading performance. • For free-hand, portable, chop and stationary saws.• POLIFAN Flap Discs combine the 2-step process of rough grinding with a hard wheel and finishing with a fiber disc. • One-step POLIFAN Flap discs are aggressive, and capable of extremely high removal rates. • They grind quietly and comfortably for enhanced user comfort. • They leave a superior surface finish, and can save you time and money.• POLIFAN Mini joins the PFERD family of flap discs in 2" and 3" diameters. • Available in Flat and Conical style Zirconia grain with a grit range of 24 through 120. • Like standard POLIFAN® flap discs, Quick Change POLIFAN Mini offers many advantages over mini fiber discs, such as longer tool life, cooler and more aggressive grinding, and the ability to grind and finish surfaces in one step, all without the need for an additional backing pad.• Diameter: 3"• Grit Max.: 120• RPM: 20,000• 10 Pack
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