PFERD 43615 - 10 Pack of VA890/394 3-1/2 PFERD 43615 - 10 Pack of VA890/394 3-1/2" x 12-1/2" Polivlies Surface Condition. Belt Aluminum Oxide Very Fine Grade
Features-• PFERD produces a complete range of coated and non-woven abrasives including Fiber Discs, Flap Wheels, Belts, Flap Discs, Rolls and much more. • With innovative specialties like POLICAP seamless abrasive caps, you'll find new solutions for your finishing needs with PFERD.• PFERD offers a wide standard selection of coated narrow abrasive belts manufactured from premium components. • These high quality belts deliver exceptional removal rates and service life. PFERD classifies belts into four general categories- • File• Portable• Benchstand • Backstand• Some cross-classification exists. • For alternate machine types, look for the correct size listings under Benchstand and Backstand belts. • Additional closed-coat sizes, types and grits are available as specials.• Heavy-duty PFERD non-woven surface conditioning belts are manufactured with aluminum oxide impregnated fiber mesh on a tough web backing. • The grain is evenly dispersed on the material, resulting in a smooth, uniform finish. • The open structure resists loading and can be used wet or dry. • The synthetic material will not rust or corrode.• Its life can be increased by washing after use. • Polivlies belts are designed for buffing, blending, cleaning, light deburring, finishing and polishing on all metals. • Particularly well suited for use on stainless and aluminum.• Belt Width: 3-1/2"• Belt Length: 15-1/2"• Grit / Grade: Very Fine• 10 Pack
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