PFERD 44835 - Policlean Drive Arbor 1/4 PFERD 44835 - Policlean Drive Arbor 1/4" Shank 1/2" Bore Single Wheel
Features-• PFERD produces a complete range of coated and non-woven abrasives including Fiber Discs, Flap Wheels, Belts, Flap Discs, Rolls and much more. • With innovative specialties like POLICAP seamless abrasive caps, you'll find new solutions for your finishing needs with PFERD.• PFERD POLICLEAN is a coarse-structured non-woven abrasive material made of a special combination of synthetic fibers and abrasive grain. • The flexible structure adapts ideally to the surface contours and shape of the work piece. • Open-cell material prevents loading and gives cool grinding properties. • POLICLEAN tools leave no corrosive residue on the work piece surface.• PFERD offers POLICLEAN tools in several types and versions-• Wheels• mounted tools• COMBIDISC Mini discs• Depressed Center discs Choose PFERD POLICLEAN material for-• Removal of rust, corrosion stains, scale, dirt, stubborn paint or adhesive residue, old coatings or residue of seals or gaskets. • Cleaning of weld seams, removal of slight drawing marks and heat discolorations, especially on stainless steel.• Surface roughening in preparation of adhesive bonding or application of fillers Cleaning of surfaces of diverse characteristics.• PFERD's POLICLEAN wheels range in diameters from 3" to 8". • They can be used singly, or gang-mounted on special drive arbors to achieve a wider face.• Shank Size: 1/4" • Matching Bore Size: 1/2" • No. of 1/2" Thick Wheels Mountable: Single
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