PFERD 49289 - 10 Pack of BA76/3353 3 PFERD 49289 - 10 Pack of BA76/3353 3" x 132" Coated Backstand Belt Aluminum Oxide 36 Grit
Features-• PFERD produces a complete range of coated and non-woven abrasives including Fiber Discs, Flap Wheels, Belts, Flap Discs, Rolls and much more. With innovative specialties like POLICAP seamless abrasive caps, you'll find new solutions for your finishing needs with PFERD.• PFERD offers a wide standard selection of coated and non-woven abrasive belts manufactured with premium grade raw materials for maximum consistency, strength. performance and service life. PFERD classifies belts into four general categories: • File• Portable• Benchstand • Backstand• PFERD has a complete Backstand belt program including a wide range of sizes and grits to outfit the most common benchstand file machines with the highest quality coated belt: PFERD.• Friable strong grain with a blocky structure and cool cutting characteristics. Suitable for use on carbon and stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, hard woods, plastics, paint removal.• Belt Width: 3"• Belt Length: 132"• Grit: 36• 10 Pack
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