PFERD 61932 - 10 Pack of EPR 3876A 16 SG5 1-1/2 PFERD 61932 - 10 Pack of EPR 3876A 16 SG5 1-1/2" x 3" Type 18R Plug 5/8-11" Thread
Features-• PFERD Grinding & Cut-off Wheels offer world-leading performance. For free-hand, portable, chop and stationary saws.• PFERD Cones and Plugs for horizontal and straight grinders are ideal for cleaning welds and castings. They can be used for internal grinding, blending contours, working in confined areas, and grinding and smoothing weld fillets and corners. Premium performance for grinding and snagging welds and castings on ferrous materials.• Straight sides and blunt nose for flat surfaces and inside edges• Diameter: 1-1/2"• Length: 3" • Thread Size: 5/8-11• Grit: 16• Max. RPM: 24,192• 10 Pack
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