PFERD 63236 - 25 Pack of EH 230-2, 8 A 46 S SGP-INOX 9 PFERD 63236 - 25 Pack of EH 230-2, 8 A 46 S SGP-INOX 9" x 3/32" Cut-Off Wheel 7/8" AH T27 INOX Grit 24
Features-• PFERD Grinding & Cut-off Wheels offer world-leading performance. For free-hand, portable, chop and stationary saws.• PFERD manufactures a complete range of Depressed Center Cut-Off Wheels for cut-off use on angle grinders. Diameter ranges from 4" through 9", with selections available for cutting steel, stainless steel, masonry products, aluminum, titanium and much more.• PFERD specializes in working stainless steels and exotic alloys. Look for PFERD products marked "INOX Rated" for cutting, grinding, blending, deburring and finishing stainless steel. The wheels in this section are cut-off use on stainless steel and high temperature alloys.• Superior thin cut-off wheel for maximum performance: Smooth, cool, fast cutting action, extremely long service life and smooth, effortless cutting. Optimal for stainless steels and high temperature alloys. Requires minimal contact pressure. Also suitable for carbon steel and all ferrous metals. • Premium Aluminum Oxide grain• Fast, cool cutting rate, longest service life• INOX Rated: Free of iron, sulphur and chlorinated fillers for contaminate-free cutting of stainless steel• Diameter: 9"• Thickness (Inches): 3/32"• Thickness (mm): 2.8mm• Arbor Hole / Thread Size: 7/8 A.H.• Grit: 24• Max. RPM: 6,600• 25 Pack
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