PFERD 64402 - 10 Pack of 100 T 350-3, 8 A 24  Q SG-RAIL  14 PFERD 64402 - 10 Pack of 100 T 350-3, 8 A 24 Q SG-RAIL 14"x 3/16" Cut-Off Wheel 1" AH Portable Rail Grit 24
Features-• PFERD Grinding & Cut-off Wheels offer world-leading performance. For free-hand, portable, chop and stationary saws.• If you operate demo saws or stationary saws, check out PFERD's wide catalog selection of blades. PFERD Portable blades are available for steel, stone, ductile, rail & decking, and masonry/aluminum. Stationary blades are available for low to high powered saws, for cutting all materials. PFERD also offers a complete technical service to match the correct wheel to your saw based on your application, or to develop special wheels to suit exacting demand in higher volume applications.• PFERD Portable wheels are developed specifically for use on portable gas powered, pneumatic and electric saws. Portable wheels are heavily reinforced to withstand the tough environment created by these powerful saws in freehand applications. The PFERD range includes wheels specifically customized for optimal performance on a variety of work piece materials: • Steel, Metal• Rail and Decking• Masonry, Asphalt• Ductile Iron• Wheels are produced in 12”, 14” and 16” diameters, with a selection of arbor holes including 1”, 7/8” and 20mm.Portable wheels have become a hallmark of the wide range of PFERD products. Favored by countless fire departments, municipalities, contractors, and general construction and demolition personnel, PFERD portable wheels out-cut and outlast competitive brands. And they withstand the extremely tough operating environments where they are typically used with high consistency and reliability. 12” portable wheels are available with 2 peripheral speed ratings: • 80 m/s peripheral speed rated wheels are developed for use on saws rated at slower maximum RPMs. These wheels provide the most efficient cutting action and service life on less powerful saws.• 100 m/s wheels contain additional reinforcement to withstand higher forces generated by faster and more powerful tools.• Based on the power and speed rating of your saw, and the material being cut, the properly selected PFERD portable wheel will deliver unparalleled performance and value. PFERD portable wheels comply with all U.S. safety standards. In addition, they comply with European and international safety standards which exceed the requirements imposed by A.N.S.I..• Specially designed for use on walk-behind saws with drive pin. Used for cutting expansion joints, new road construction and repair.• Aluminum Oxide grain• Fast cutting rate and long service life• Diameter: 14"• Thickness (Inches): 3/16"• Thickness (mm): 3.8mm • Arbor Hole: 1"• Grit: 24• Max. RPM: 5,500• Peripheral Speed: 100 m/s• 10 Pack
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