PFERD 66016 - 5 Pack of 100 T 450-4 A 24 SG-HD 18 PFERD 66016 - 5 Pack of 100 T 450-4 A 24 SG-HD 18"x 3/16" Stationary Wheel 1" AH Heavy Duty High Speed
Features-• PFERD Grinding & Cut-off Wheels offer world-leading performance.• For free-hand, portable, chop and stationary saws.• If you operate demo saws or stationary saws, check out PFERD's wide catalog selection of blades. • PFERD Portable blades are available for steel, stone, ductile, rail & decking, and masonry/aluminum. • Stationary blades are available for low to high powered saws, for cutting all materials. • PFERD also offers a complete technical service to match the correct wheel to your saw based on your application, or to develop special wheels to suit exacting demand in higher volume applications.• PFERD manufactures a catalog range of wheels for high powered stationary saws in diameters ranging from 10" to 24" in diameter. • The catalog range provides off-the-shelf availability for common cut-off machines in the industry. • PFERD specializes in stationary wheel production, and is happy to provide technical advise, and to manufacture custom solutions based upon your application requirements. • For additional information, please contact your local PFERD distributor.• For use on stationary cut off machines with medium power outputUniversal wheel for use in stationary machines. • Provides high stock removal for short cutting cycles, as well as a long tool life. • UNI wheels provide maximum performance levels when horsepower of the saw is 50% to 75% of the wheel diameter.• Aluminum Oxide grain• Fast cutting rate and long service life• Wheel Diameter: 18" • Thickness: 3/16"• Arbor Hole: 1"• Max. RPM: 4,200 • Ideal Power Range: 18+ Horsepower • 5 Pack
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