Reed 02247 SW12A30 Strap Wrench Reed 02247 SW12A30 Strap Wrench
Provides gripping power without scratching or deforming plastic or polished metal pipe. Use on plastic pipe, filters, or any slick or smooth surface. Strap wrenches work well on irregular shapes, too. Reed’s extra strong, coated polyester strap provides slip resistance, and durability. SW12A30 and SW18A48 have extra-long straps for increased leverage on large diameters. SW12A30 is popular for filters.

Pipe Capacity: 1/8" - 2" 10-63 Actual 0mm
Tube Capacity: 3-1/2" (Actual) 90 (Actual) 0mm
Handle Length: 12" 305mm
Weight: 1.6 lbs. 0.7 kg
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