Reed 02340 VKA Valve Key Reed 02340 VKA Valve Key
Reed Valve Keys are built for strength and durability. Upper shafts are made from heavy gauge, mechanical steel tubing. Curb key ends are machined from solid steel. The keys have a telescoping design. When telescoped in, they are under 4 feet long and fit easily in small utility trucks, behind pickup seats, and in car trunks. When telescoped out, lengths of 5 feet to 7 feet are possible. VK10 reaches nearly 10 feet when fully extended. VKEXT shaft is available to extend the keys to over 12 feet. For greater control and versatility, a variety of tools can be used on the end of T handles to turn curb stops. Optional clip-on tools can be used to turn small valve wheels, curb box rods, pentagon bolts, and Buffalo box lids. Reed customers can choose keys according to the needs of their systems.

Adjustable Valve Key for Mains
Closed Length: 45.5" 1156mm
Weight: 14.4 lbs 6.5 kg
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