Reed 02364 MKF2 Ford Lg. & Std. Reed 02364 MKF2 Ford Lg. & Std.
Reed Meter Keys open many styles of meter pit lids and curb box lids. Reed has the widest choice of pentagon keys and ”skeleton” keys available, ending lengthy searches for the right key. Reed pentagon Meter Key capacities include standard waterworks pentagon bolts and plugs, as well as the large pentagon bolts made by both Mueller and Ford. Careful design and production ensure the Reed pentagon and skeleton keys fit many brands of lids and bolts. Reed Meter Keys all have a turn and lift feature, allowing tool users to open a lid, lock onto it, and lift the lid off with a single motion. All Reed Meter Keys are made of strong, plated ductile iron to inhibit rust.

Description: Ford® Lg. & Std. Pentagons
Length: 5.5" 140mm
Weight: 0.9 lbs. 0.4 kg
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