Reed 03242 RC20I Rotary Cutter Reed 03242 RC20I Rotary Cutter
Cold cut large diameter steel, most stainless steel, ductile, and cast iron pipe in close quarters. The low profile design of the LCRC models needs only 4” clearance for up to 16” pipe diameter; only 8” clearance for the RC20 and RC24; and just 11.8” clearance for the RC30 and RC36 large diameter pipe cutters. Each cutter is supplied with a slip-on handle that is used to turn the cutter around the pipe in one direction. The handle is also used to tighten the cutter every 1/2 revolution. Best manual cutters for ductile iron. With good leverage from long handle, pipe snaps off squarely before wheel penetrates halfway through pipe. Cutters have heavy-duty frames.

All sizes use the same cutter wheels: either RCS8-36 for steel and RCI8-30 for ductile and cast iron. RCX wheels cut up to 25/32” wall thickness for steel pipe.

Pipe Capacity: 18 - 20 (Inches-Nom.) Cast Iron & Ductile 476-572 (Actual) 0 mm
Length: 106" 2680mm
Weight: 89 lbs. 40.5 kg
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