Reed 03338 2-4WGA Steel Pipe Cutter Reed 03338 2-4WGA Steel Pipe Cutter
Spring-tensioned guide bars of 2-4WGA provide square alignment for 4-wheel cutters. The short handle allows for close-quarter work. Thinnest wheels of highest quality tool steel make cutting easier and faster. Sharper wheels allow shorter handles for work in smaller spaces.

Catalog No.: 2-4WGA*
Item Code: 03338
Pipe Capacity: 1/2 - 2 (Inches-Nom.) 21-63 (Actual) OD 0 mm
Length: 14.3" 362mm
Weight: 7.2 lbs. 3.3 kg
Wheel: 2 RBS

*2RBCI wheels available for cast iron. 2RBHD heavy-duty wheels available for steel and stainless steel.
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