Reed 03487 T20 Tubing Cutter Reed 03487 T20 Tubing Cutter
Popular copper tubing cutters are long-lasting due to quality construction and have a large grip knob for comfort during use. A reamer is built inside grip knob for convenience and safety. Wide rollers yield a square cut while thin cutter wheel profile ensures a quick, clean cut. When structures, equipment, or ditch walls get in the way, the three wheel T23 requires only 3” clearance and a 150 degree cutting radius. Large capacity (2” nominal) means the T23 gets the job done when mini cutters are too small. Includes large knob with built-in reamer for comfort and convenience, plus large reamer in body for larger tubing clean-up.

Catalog No.: T20
Item Code: 03487
O.D. Capacity: 5/8" - 2-1/8" (Actual Inches) 15-54 (Actual) 0 mm
Weight: 1.5 lbs. 0.7 kg
Cutter Wheel**: Copper - 0 Plastic - OP2 1- 2PVC

**Ships with wheel for copper. To cut plastic pipe, order recommended cutter wheel separately.
*AWWA Approved for Tapping Contest
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